Snapshots and Stories:
The Farrington's of Northeast Missouri


Hattie in front of House shortly after completionAbstract

This creative thesis is written in an effort to explore the dedication to family and life goals of a doctor and his family in Northeast Missouri during the early part of the twentieth century. It is the story of Hattie and Frank Farrington. The text is separated into two parts: Snapshots, and Stories.

The Snapshots section was created from video-taped interviews with two of the three living daughters, Isabelle Farrington-Otto and Elnora Lee Farrington-Froman. After each Snapshot, a small parenthesis lists which daughter is speaking; (I) for Isabelle and (EL) for Elnora Lee. The daughters provided a great deal of very interesting information about the family, much of which I could not use. I tried to focus on snapshots that either help the reader understand the life in the early 1900’s, or that emphasized the parents’ devotion to family.

The Stories section consists of tales I created based on information from the daughters. They are printed in italics to show that they are not direct quotes from Isabelle and Elnora Lee.

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The Farringtons of Northeast Missouri



This thesis is dedicated to my family: Don, Judy, Kris and Mike, and my wife, Andrea. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I love you all.


First, I would like to thank my committee chair, Dennis Leavens, for his support and insight. Next, thank you to my committee members Martha Bartter and Mark Shanley. A special thanks to Jason and Lori Haxton, Isabelle Farrington-Otto and Elnora Lee Farrington-Froman, without whom this thesis could never have happened. Thank you for opening your home and lives to me. Thanks to Carol Race for helping me understand the intricacies of CD-ROM technology. Thanks to Becky Maas and Beth Mundt for being there when I needed you most. Thanks to all my staff members, past and present. Lastly, I want to extend special thanks to Jason Haxton and Elsie Gaber for their support both professionally and academically. I owe a great deal to all of these people. Thank you.  

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